About us

«WrestTime» is the first promotional company in the field of wrestling in Russia.

What are we doing?

Our main goal is to motivate people to a healthy lifestyle, including wrestling.

We have opened wrestling clubs WresTime in Moscow. We also organize competitions with great prizes.

We provide the best competition, you will not remain indifferent! There are Fights of the best wrestlers from around the world and an interesting show program with stars of sport and show business at the best venues of Moscow.


Wrestling…- why is this?

Our team consists of award-winning freestyle wrestlers and we know the problems experienced by the fighters. Talented fighters often leave the sport because of poor conditions for building a future professional career. We want to change this situation for the better.


We seek to ...

Our main goal is to attract more children to the "world of struggle," and maybe we will be able to motivate and give a chance for someone to become a future Olympic champion.


We will select the most talented wrestlers for the future work with them on the basis of the wrestling club "WrestTime".



Andrey Belov is founder of the fight club and promoter company "WrestTime".

Andrey Belov

Master of Sports of free-style Wrestling

Shamil Osmanov is founder of the fight club and promoter company "WrestTime".

Shamil Osmanov

Master of Sports of free-style Wrestling

The objectives of the competition:

1. Popularization of wrestling.

2. Increase of sports skill level of the participants.

3. Sports upbringing of the younger generation.

4. Promotion of healthy lifestyle.

5. Familiarizing young people to the sport.

6. Strengthening understanding between peoples.

7. Raising the skills of self-defense.

Wrestling is a base of the most famous fighters of MMA and UFC.