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Denis Tsargush

       "If the truth, I recommend to every         person often participate in                       various competitions. You will                 become more decisive and                         confident. You will learn how to             cope with anxiety and fear of a               stronger opponent or situation.


        And I wish good luck to guys from         the WREST TIME! "

Shamil Osmanov


            “Wrest Time holds competitions               in a completely new form.

              Competitions are transformed                 into a show where the output                   of each fighter has his                                 individual program. All                                 conditions will be created in                     order to express yourself and                   get a lot of drive. "


Ali Bagautinov


          "As a wrestler, I am very happy             that someone created such                 an energetic and motivated                 team, which will promote the             freestyle wrestling.

            For me, this sport is                                 compulsory basis for the                       transition to the UFC or MMA.             I think that wrestling is a                       sport for real men. "

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